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Electricians install and repair electrical wiring and related equipment in buildings. Because electricity is used for a variety of purposes, including climate control, security and communications, electricians need to be proficient in many applications of electricity. They are employed by electrical contractors, maintenance departments of large institutions such as hospitals or industrial plants, or they may be self-employed. Electrician apprentices are included in this group.

Electricians work on new construction sites and on renovations to existing buildings. They ensure that all electrical connections are safe and meet the electrical code.

Electricians interpret architectural drawings and electrical code specifications at construction sites. They install lighting fixtures and electrical equipment as well as connect electrical wire to fixtures and components to form circuits, according to the plans. Also, they test circuits to ensure the compatibility and safety of systems. In many cases, they are called on to troubleshoot faults in electrical and electronic systems as well as to connect sound and visual communication equipment, signaling devices and heating and cooling systems. At some sites, they conduct preventive maintenance programs.

Education and Training Requirements for an Electrician

To work as an electrician in B.C., it is necessary to hold a Certificate or Qualification in the trade, or be registered in a four-year apprenticeship that will lead to qualification. The Industry Training and Apprenticeship Commission (ITAC) recommends that all secondary school students planning to become an apprentice complete a grade 12 education that includes appropriate English, mathematics and science courses.

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BCEA 4th Annual Softball Tournament
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