About Us

We are community builders!

We are passionate about fostering a sense of togetherness, about engaging your community, and about inspiring people to not only show up, but show up with pride. We believe in working as a team and growing as individuals because you know that results in more opportunity for everyone. 
We are passionate problem solvers. We thrive when we are knee deep in situalions that push us to think differently - to do things differently.

We believe that success and support go hand in hand. That by allowing our members to shine, by being their authentic selves, they will support each other in the process. 

We believe people shine brighter together. 

We Are an Association that Believes

In the importance of community
In inspiring passion through everything we do
In discovering creative solutions
In creating opportunities

We also host educational programs and entertaining events for electrical support and supply companies in BC

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There are many benefits to becoming a member of the BCEA!  Visit our membership page to see what we do to help your business thrive! #shinebrightertogether