Basic Electricity Course - Online

Are you looking to enhance your knowledge and skills in the field of electricity? Look no further! The BC Electrical Association is proud to present the online Basic Electricity Course, designed to provide you with a solid foundation in electrical principles and practices.
This course is hosted on Moodle. You will be sent a login once you register for the course and then you can complete the course on your own schedule. This course takes approximately 6.5hrs to complete, depending on your reading pace.
‚ÄčOnce completed, you will be able to access a certificate of completion for the course.

This course covers the following modules:

·         Introduction to Basic Electricity: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles of electricity.

·         Voltage Sources and Systems: Explore different voltage sources and learn how electrical systems operate.

·         Circuits: Dive into the world of circuits and discover how electricity flows through various components.

·         Electrical Drawings and Diagrams: Learn the basics of interpreting electrical drawings and diagrams, a crucial skill for any electrical professional.

·         Test Equipment: Learn to use a variety of test equipment to diagnose and troubleshoot electrical issues effectively.

·         Wire and Cable: Understand the different types of wires and cables used in electrical installations and their applications.

·         Lighting: Explore the world of lighting and learn about different types of lighting fixtures and their installation.

·         Controls: Discover the principles of electrical control systems and their importance in various applications.

·         Transformers: Get familiar with transformers and their role in electrical power distribution.

·         Basic Electrical Products: Learn about commonly used electrical products and their specifications.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your electrical knowledge and skills under the guidance of experienced industry professionals. Our course offers practical exercises, interactive knowledge testing, and examples of real-world applications to ensure you're well-prepared to enter the industry with knowledge.

Cost: $299+GST for members
$399+GST for non-members

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