Canadian Electrical Code Book

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CSA C22.1:24, Canadian Electrical Code, Part I - Hardcopy and Electronic PDF

For over 90 years, CSA C22.1, Canadian Electrical Code (CE Code), Part I, has been developed and updated to better protect electrical workers and promote improved consistency in electrical installations across the country. Now in its 26th edition, the CE Code, Part I includes many significant additions and revisions throughout.



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CSA C22.1HB:24, Canadian Electrical Code Handbook - An Explanation of the Rules of the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I - Hardcopy

Canadian Electrical Code Handbook provides commentary, images and examples to explain requirements in CSA C22.1:24, Canadian Electrical Code, Part I. Written in plain, easy-to-understand language, it is a valuable tool for electrical workers in understanding and applying the Code.


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