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In an industry as diverse as the electrical industry, the umbrella of the British Columbia Electrical Association covers all components. The BCEA is a strong industry voice, a united front, designed to educate and promote B.C.'s electrical industry. If you are a part of the industry that depends on electricity, you need your electrical association. And the electrical association needs you!

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  • Specially designed education programs tailored to keep your employees up-to-date
  • Over $100,000 in endowments at Camosun Collage, BCIT, and Okanagan College.
  • Weekly news briefs and periodic newsletter containing timely articles, news and the information you need about the electrical industry
  • Events for interaction and networking with BC electrical industry stakeholders
  • Participation in well-regarded and popular THRIVE summit
  • Special member discounted rates when participating in BCEA activities
  • Electrical industry representation and liaison with government
  • Medical benefits program
  • Member discounts with hotels, shipping, and many more
  • Dedicated to promoting and educating our industry on diversity, equity and inclusion

BCEA Mission Statement: The BCEA is dedicated to helping our members and the industry achieve the highest level of success.

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There are many benefits to becoming a member of the BCEA!  Visit our membership page to see what we do to help your business thrive! #shinebrightertogether